Welcome to Luggarrah

We at Luggarrah are dedicated to working with regional students to show them that a future in tech is possible and closer than they think.

Our work at Luggarrah embodies its meaning in traditional language which translates as, play, fun and diversion.

Proud Indigenous Business

Luggarrah was established in 2018 by proud Trawlwulwuy man and Managing Director David Parkin, Luggarrah was born committed to fostering links between diverse students in regional areas and opportunities in tech related industries.

A wholly Aboriginal owned business, we at Luggarrah understand that today, traditional means of education is not flexible enough to truly prepare the next generation of students for modern learning and working environments.

How we are changing the narrative ?

Through our Immersive events & engaging, hands on learning programs.

Offering career pathways in tech through three main pillars: